Top 5 Best Rated Universities in Chicago, Illinois

People have to make a lot of difficult decisions and go through infinite challenges during their lifetime. Educational marathon is the most advanced and fastest growing profession, where you cannot just afford to be left behind! The more advanced the era, the more difficult to make career choices. Over the time so many institutes and universities (each claiming to be the best) have emerged that it has become very challenging to actually find out the best one as per your profession!

Two major things that youth feels to be best at are; their profession and fashion! Students seek professional help, go to the counselors, dive into the ocean of internet just to bring out the best for themselves. But wouldn’t it be much easier if you have the top notched universities in your city, just a click away?

Chicago, being the third most populous city of USA has around 22 colleges/universities. Living in one of the largest cities can make you really confused as to go for which university, because nobody ever wants to settle for any less, especially when it’s about your future!

We have listed down the top 5 best rated universities in Chicago, go through them and make your professional decisions easily!

1. Northwestern University

2. University Of Chicago

3. Wheaton College

4. Illinois Institute Of Technology

5. DePaul University