Top 5 Best Rated Things To Do in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

Mesa Verde National Park is located in Montezuma County in the state of Colorado. The park preserves some of the best conserved Ancestral Puebloan archaeological sites in the country. The park has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site owing to its exceptional archaeological sites comprising of several cliff dwellings.

Mesa Verde also provides guests 8,500 acres of federally designated wilderness that give sustenance to an extensive variety of animal species, including 74 species of mammals, 200 species of birds, 16 species of reptiles, five species of amphibians, six species of fishes and over 1,000 species of insects and other invertebrates.

The weather in the region is pleasant throughout the year. Snowstorms tend to occur in the winter, while summers gets very dry and hot. All park facilities and areas are open year round,

The top 5 best rated things to do in Mesa Verde National Park include:

1. Hiking
2. Guided Tours
3. Visit a cliff dwelling
4. Explore the historic Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum
5. Camping