Top 5 Best Rated Things To Do in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas

Guadalupe Mountains National Park is located in the state of Texas. The park consists of the mountain range called the Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas.

The great predators of the park’s ecosystem are mountain lion and black bear, but they are rarely seen. Encounters with coyotes, gray fox, raccoon, and ringtail cat are more common. Mule deer and elk are the largest herbivores residing in the park and mostly stay in the mountains. There are around 15 or so species of bats that take refuge in the smaller caves of the park.

More than 300 bird species are known existing in the Guadalupes, although many of them are rare visitors. Large birds include golden eagle, various species of hawk, turkey vulture and sandhill crane. Many species of finch and warbler are also present.

The largest venomous snake of the park is the western diamondback rattlesnake, but other rattlesnake species are also present in the park. Visitors need not worry as their chances of a rattler encounter aren’t high, although some caution is indicated when out on the trails around sunrise or sunset. The park is also home to three different species of the unusual horned lizard.

The top 5 best rated things to do in Guadalupe Mountains National Park include:

1. Hiking
2. Birding
3. Back country camping
4. Horseback riding
5. Back packing