Top 5 Best Rated Things To Do in Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Located in Southern Oregon, Crater Lake National inspires awe in all who come to visit. Formed as a result of a violent volcanic eruption, it is fifth oldest national park in the United States. The park encompasses one of the deepest and the deepest lake in America.

The park is surrounded by cliffs which are almost 2000 feet high. Although many roads and amenities remain closed during the winter the park is open and accessible throughout the year.

The most popular months to visit the park are July to mid-September that is when the weather is most pleasant. Visitors are advised to travel with cold weather gear if they plan to visit the park between October through June, as winter conditions tend to get extreme with severe cold and low visibility.

The top 5 things to do in Crater Lake National Park are:

1. Volcano Boat Tours
2. Hiking
3. Snowmobiling
4. Visiting the historic Crater Lake Lodge
5. Camping