Top 5 Best rated Things About Worlds Of Fun, Kansas City, Missouri

Sprawled over 236 acres of land, Worlds of fun park is indeed a world burning with fun and adventures. Strap yourself in the thrills of the roller coasters, splash all day in cool water, or just catch the rays of the sun; Worlds of fun is all about enjoying and screaming in glee.

From family rides to kids’ special areas there is something for everyone to look forward to. Worlds of fun is sure going to a put a smile on your kid’s face as the park also gives them a chance to get warm hugs from the peanut gang in the planet snoopy. Visit Kansas City, Missouri with your whole group of playmates and enjoy just being together with your loved ones.

Here we have listed the top 5 best-rated rides and attractions of the park:

1. Thrill Rides

2. Family Rides

3. Kid’s Rides

4. Waterpark

5. Shows & Special Events