Top 5 Best Rated Things About Valleyfair, Shakopee, Minnesota

Discover your inner thrill-seeker and quench your inner baby’s thirst for fun by visiting ValleyFair amusement park. Enjoy, explore, eat and play with your kinfolks and buddies. From big thrills to spectacular live entertainment, ValleyFair is laden with attractions for your entire group. Exhilarating roller coasters, soaking waterpark, kid’s friendly rides, spinning wheels, and fascinating Dinosaur’s space in the park makes it even more attractive and worth visiting.

Set up in Shakopee, Minnesota, Valley Fair is an all in one stop for togetherness, happiness, and fun. Laden with rip-roaring activities and learning experiences, ValleyFair is sure to put a smile on all your faces. So, start planning your fun now!

Valleyfair welcomes its guests to a bunch of different attractions, however, the top 5 best-rated attractions are listed below:

1. Thrill Rides

2. Family Rides

3. Kid’s Rides

4. Route 76

5. Soak City Waterpark