Top 5 Best Rated Things About Trimper’s Rides, Ocean City, Maryland

It’s time to tune up your boring routine into something exciting and mind-blowing. It’s time to switch it up. Come and get lost in the world of exciting attractions, lively rides, and playful games. Trimper’s rides welcome you into a world of bright-lit rides that will sweep you off your feet with their charm and fascination.

Mixed with shrills and screams, your laughter is definitely going to be heard by everyone in the amusement park. This dazzling park filled with indoor and outdoor activities for kids and teens is all things fun and adventure. Featuring great rides, some with unabated thrill and some less thrilling. Find this amusement park in Ocean City, Maryland and have a memorable day of fun and happiness.

From among many indoor and outdoor rides of the park, the top 5 best rated are:

1. Fire Engines

2. Whip

3. Water Boats

4. Aladdin’s Lamp

5. The Haunted House