Top 5 Best Rated Things About Team Combat, Hobart, Indiana

Tired of the usual laser tag games and wanna try some real action?

Enter into the world of adrenaline pumping military action and gaming experience that’s as good as it gets. Team Combat takes pride in providing one of its kind experiences to its fear-less guests.

Gone are the days of rickety plastic made gadgets and weapons, in Team Combat tactical laser tag arena you will find high-quality and full-weight replicas of military-grade equipment. The coolest place for all the teens and adults to discover their fighting and battling skills while they shoot their opponents in the simulated games. Take your playmates along and get start playing in the most interactive environment experience one could possibly imagine of. Find this tactical realistic combat zone in Hobart, Indiana.

This place offers many mission-based games for its visitors to get the real feel of the military, however, the top 5 best-rated ones are:

1. Team Deathmatch

2. Control Point

3. Defuse The Bomb

4. Espionage

5. VIP escort