Top 5 Best Rated Things About Shipwreck Island WaterPark, Panama City Beach, Florida

Entertaining for millions and millions of years, Shipwreck Island is a second home for all the water babies out there. With over 3 million gallons of water splashing, tipping and raging this spot will have you drenched in fun.

Bask under the sun, doze -off under the comfy shades of trees that have taken up the most space of the park, or dive into the refreshing water, Shipwreck Island has it all for everyone. There are plenty of challenging rides for the kids including pint-sized water slides. In the heart of the Panama City Beach, Florida will you find this spacious water park and at the end of the day at Shipwreck Island, you will come out frazzled, soaked and exhilarated.

Jump right into the top 5 best rides at Shipwreck Island Water park:

1. Tipping Bucket

2. Tadpole Hole

3. White Knuckle River

4. Ocean Motion Wave Pool

5. Tree top Drop