Top 5 Best Rated Things About Scandia Family Fun Center, Ontario, California

Scandia amusement park is one of the wings of Scandinavian- themed family amusement centers. This off-shoot of Scandia amusement is located in Ontario, California and features rides for families and kids including VIP rides for juniors. So, if you want to have a non-scary, amusing day filled with thrill harmless thrill, head to Scandia amusement park to enjoy a variety of unusual rides and take your kids along because they claim to specialize in fun. Enjoy a roller coaster ride with your children and buddies, join the queue for games in the arcade or feed yourself in the park’s restaurants. Trust us on this, it’ll be worth every penny.

Listed below are the top 5 best rated things about Scandia amusement park:

1. Family Rides

2. Jr. VIP Rides

3. Miniature Golf

4. Batting Cages

5. Arcade Games