Top 5 Best Rated Things About Sam’s Surf City, Pensacola, Florida

Sam’s surf city splashed its way in September 2005, and since then it has just been bigger and better. With refreshing and cool water slides through the water park, Sam’s Surf city is most sought-after park in Pensacola, Florida.

Kiddie interactive pools, thrilling water slides and lazy rivers are just to name a few highlights of the park. Discover this enlivening water park within the Sam’s Fun city. Each of these parks offers budget friendly tickets to accommodate the budget and interests of their customers.

Sam’s Surf City also offers a number of electrifying attractions, but the top 5 best rated water attractions are:

1. Zoom Flume (Blue Tube Slide)

2. Summit Tunnel (Yellow Tube Slide)

3. Flash Flood (White Tube)

4. Lazy River

5. Kiddie Pool