Top 5 Best Rated Things About Race City, Panama Beach City, Florida

Home to exhilarating roller coasters, steepest, tallest and fastest go-karts, Race City is an outdoor haven set up right in the middle of Panama City, Florida. Heads up guys, there are sharp turns ahead! A perfect place for the racers to blow-off some steam and show some swag.

With such exotic rides, Race city also features some less heady attractions such as mini golf, thrill rides, and also an an indoor mega arcade to please all its visitors. All in all, Race city park will let you have a cozy, relaxed and amused day out with your buddies and family.

Let’s take a peek on the top 5 best-rated attractions of Race city Park:

1. Go-karts

2. Thrill Rides

3. Indoor Backlight Mini Golf

4. Spin Zone (Bumper Cars)

5. Sea Maze