Top 5 Best Rated Things About Pirates Cove Children’s Theme Park, Elk Grove Village, Illinois

A place of light-hearted pleasure that is sure to invoke the creativity and imagination of your child. Pirates Cove is specially designed for kids to prod your child’s mind in a creative and inspiring way. Since the park is replete with activities, your child is going to have big fun and will be able to explore his/her own abilities.

Let your child take a plunge down the water slides, let them bounce and leap as high as they can, and encourage them to paddle their way in the pond. Pirates Cove is an all in one fun stop for families and kids. Be sure to set out for this venturous date, out with your family and kids in Elk Groove village, Illinois.

1. Barnacle Bay Boats

2. Captain’s Carousel

3. Camelot’s Castle

4. Jolly Roger Jump

5. Soaring Schooners