Top 5 Best Rated Things About Michigan’s Adventure, Muskegon, Michigan

Find yourself surrounded by buzzing activities and attractions in Michigan’s Adventure. Dive into the universe of entertainment that will have you crave for more. This 250-acres amusement park in Muskegon city, Michigan is the perfect go-to place for families having kids and for those too who all love to go wild and wet once in a while.

From indoor to outdoor you will find all kinds of fun within the park. Michigan’s Adventure also features an outdoor waterpark where you can splish-splash all day, float in the lazy river, slide down the soaking water slides and have splashtacular fun. You can also meet Snoopy and Charlie Brown in the park and can rush to their tempting restaurants to satisfy your taste buds.  

Special Events, amusing rides, dining and waterpark are the highlights of this park. Here we have listed the top 5 best-rated rides and slides that are not be missed.

1. Big Dipper

2. Flying Trapeze

3. Sea Dragon

4. Funnel Of Fear

5. Swan Boats