Top 5 Best Rated Things About Lost Island Waterpark, Waterloo, Iowa

It won’t take you long to get lost in the lush green palm trees of the Lost Island Waterpark.

Float around the Kailahi river, slip down drenched on the water coasters, splash in the tsunami bay and lounge in the deluxe cabanas. This beautiful ultimate getaway spot is hidden in Waterloo, Iowa

. The waterpark is the realm to some adventure filled action with featuring over 20 attractions for everyone in your clan. Walking through the gates of Lost Island, you will find yourself in a refreshing and vigorous place offering you plenty of fun and amusement. So, get ready to be drenched, thrilled and laugh out loud with the island’s amazing attractions.

The top 5 best-rated attractions of the park are:

1. Wailua Kupua

2. Tsunami Bay

3. Tahiti Village

4. Starfish Cove

5. Maizie The Mermaid