Top 5 Best Rated Things About Jeepers, Sterling Heights, Michigan

Spend quality time with your family and make memories with your loved ones. At Jeepers, you will find a variety of entertainment and fun suitable for your kids and family. Jeepers offer heart-pounding roller coasters as well as kid’s friendly rides so that no one in the family feels left out. Moreover, they also have a soft play area perfect for toddlers.

Come over with kids and let them go all wild and crazy with the park’s indoor rides. Step onto the land of madness and take a break from the outer world because this indoor amusement park is stacked with fun and pleasure and will make you go bananas. Find Jeepers in Sterling Heights, Michigan and we guarantee you your summers are going to be great.

Jeepers features many Rides and arcade games alongside a soft play area only for pint-sized tots, however here we have listed some rides and an arcade that you guys must visit when in the park:

1. JJ’s Driving School

2. Banana Squadron

3. Yak Attack

4. Python Pit Roller Coaster

5. Arcade