Top 5 Best Rated Things About Indiana Beach Boardwalk Resort, Monticello, Indiana

Delve into some soaking, thrilling, lively and hands-on fun with your kids and mates at Indiana Beach.

The place is replete with over 40 rides including the classic amusement rides, arcade games and kiddie rides all on the most popular and breezy Lake Shafer in Monticello, Indiana. Fine dining, live shows, Camping, roller coasters, night stay in cottages and lots of other entertaining activities with a twist of crisp lake view is all you need for a getaway reason. The vibrant attractions of the park will have you visit here over and over again. This summers get together at Indiana Beach and enjoy a relaxing date out.

The many attractions of the beach will tempt you like anything, but here we have scribbled down the top 5 best-rated ones for you:

1. Kiddie Land

2. Water Park Rides

3. Thrill Rides

4. Video Arcade & Games (Indoor Games)

5. Camping & Lodging (Accommodation)