Top 5 Best Rated Things About Grady’s Family Fun Park, Bloomington, Illinois

Do not look here and there anymore for a fun day out. Indulge in some great fun and tingling adventures at Grady’s fun park.

Grab your little ones and your lads and drive off to Bloomington, Illinois to enjoy a day bursting with happiness, joy, and pleasure. From mini-golf courses to bumper cars, batting cages, kiddie rides, adult rides to Go-karts, Grady’s Fun park is a destination for speed lovers too. You can also dine in at Grady’s pizza parlor and savor the delicious food. With so much on the list to explore, how can one resist to visit?

Grady’s fun park is packed with rides for all ages but the top 5 best-rated rides of the park are:

1. Batting Cages

2. Miniature Golf

3. Go-karts

4. Bumper Boats

5. Bumper Cars