Top 5 Best Rated Things About Funtown Splashtown USA, Saco, Maine

A place where the fun is guaranteed, rides are classical, and the environment is comfortable. Besides featuring the old-fashioned and traditional rides, the park also features a waterpark within its premises. It will have you drenched, mesmerized and frenzied all at the same time.

Funtown Splashtown is not any of those conventional amusement parks where you find the same boring & old fun rides. This park offers unorthodox fun and modern adventure for kids and adults alike. Located in the city of York County, Saco, Maine, spend your time reveling in this cool & breezy Fun town with your kiddies and buddies.

Once you step into the park you will find so many things to do in the park starting from games & rides to mouth-watering food. However, the top 5 best-rated attractions in the park are:

1. Thrill Rides

2. Family Rides

3. Kiddie Rides

4. Splashtown

5. Food & Refreshment