Top 5 Best Rated Things About Fun-Plex, Omaha, Nebraska

Fun-plex began its journey as only a Go-kart’s tracks and now it’s the largest amusement park in Nebraska state. Get ready to be whipped and flipped because Fun-Plex’s amazing rides are going to make your day a whirlwind of exhilaration and unease. Worry not if you are an oldie, adventurer junkie, a weak heart or just want to have a peaceful day away from noise and crowd. Fun-plex offers more than enough for everyone in the family.

Take a spin on the rock-o-plane, bump your cars with your playmate, fly high up in the balloon Ferris wheel or just stand across the park to see your little one laugh and play hard. Make plans to visit Fun-plex at Omaha, Nebraska to be thrilled, welcomed and exhilarated.

For little tots to big ones, the top 5 best-rated attractions are listed below:

1. Family Rides

2. Kiddie Land

3. Waterpark

4. Breaker’s Bay Bar

5. Programs & Events