Top 5 Best Rated Things About Edaville Family Theme Park, Carver, Massachusetts

It’s a wonderland because once you step into the park you will wonder how on earth have you come in this magical land? The Edaville theme park is the most recognized and sought-after park in the USA. Been entertaining for years, it has managed to attract an unexpected number of tourists from all over the US. Edaville is a world of imagination and wonder where you find different fun in differently themed lands such as cran central, Thomas Land and Dino land.

Edaville is the only park that has Thomas and friends as an adventure park within its premises. Thomas theme park features plenty of playful and amusing rides for all age kiddies. Located in Carver, Massachusetts bring your kid to Edaville and watch how they learn, play and get amused in the park.  

The park hoards on many attractions for the kids and adults amongst which the top 5 best-rated ones are:

1. A. J’s Express

2. Big Eli: The Ferris Wheel

3. Bertie’s Bus Tour

4. Allosaurus

5. Cranky’s Crane Drop