Top 5 Best Rated Things About Como Town, Saint Paul, Minnesota

All you kids, get your faces painted and enjoy the hurly-burly of the foam party! Como-town is a family-friendly park that offers free admission and features 18+ rides. Como town is known for celebrating kid’s special activities where they get to play and enjoy the most. From traditional to modern, you will find every type of ride in the park suitable for your kids, families, and your playmates.

Bang into the park to have a day filled with joy and crazy adventures. Drench yourself in the splash zone that’s also a part of Como Town and explore the jungle gym kind of park known as hodgepodge. In Como Town, you will surely be amazed by the number of activities it offers for all sorts of people. Find this frisky park in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The park offers so many amazing attractions for everyone, however, the top 5 best-rated attractions of the town are:

1. Kiddie Rides

2. Family Rides

3. Thrill Rides

4. Kid’s Foam Party

5. Face Painting