Top 5 Best Rated Things About Celebration Station, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The name says it all! Celebrate and party with the people of celebration station as they welcome you, treat you, and entertain you just the way you want to be. Either you are an adventure junkie or the typical non-scary fun type, Celebration Station gives you a wide selection of games. Indoor arcade games come with different prizes, batting cages is great for individual as well as team practice, bump your cars with your kinfolks and friends, and mini golf with 18 holes is just everyone’s dream.

Set up in the capital city of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, this all in one family fun & entertainment stop is the ultimate place to advance with your kids and friends.

Celebration station is laden with hands-on activities for everyone in your group, but the top 5 best-rated attractions of the park are:

1. Arcade Games

2. Batting Cages

3. Bumper Cars

4. Go-karts

5. Miniature Golf