Top 5 Best Rated Things About Carousel Gardens Amusement Park, New Orleans, Louisiana

A seasonally operated park, laden with unique attractions and rides. Featuring over 17+ rides starting from pint-sized tots to adventure loving adults, Carousel gardens is quintessential of modern parks. From charming, old fashioned carousels to the newest and thrilling roller coasters, Carousel gardens is mainly for family fun and adventure. Because Carousel Gardens is nestled within the New Orleans City Park, you can also have beautiful sights of nature and breathtakingly beautiful floras across the park’s windy pathways.

Carousel Gardens operates in spring and that becomes more of a reason to celebrate love, warmth, happiness, and people by visiting Carousel Garden set right in New Orleans, Louisiana.

From the 17+ rides of the amusement park, the top 5 best-rated ones are listed below:

1. Tilt-A-Whirl

2. Bumper Cars

3. Ferris Wheel

4. Scrambler

5. Whacky Shack