Top 5 Best Rated Things About Big Sky Waterpark, Columbia Falls, Montana

In the mood for some fun? Head over to Big sky waterpark in Columbia Falls, Montana to have a day filled with brisk adventures, frisky rides, and perky games. Big Sky has fun for everyone in the family, their family-friendly rides and games steal everyone’s attention in the park.

Offering a wide range of frolicsome attractions, from cool and refreshing water slides to bumper cars and krazy cars for the adventurers, Big Sky is the ultimate vacation spot for a group of friends and families. You can also plan for picnics and scrumptious barbeques with your buddies and have an awesome day.

Big Sky features many attractions; However, the top 5 best-rated attractions include:

1. Shredder Xtreme

2. Big Splash River Ride

3. Krazy Cars

4. Climbing Wall

5. Antique Carousel