Top 5 Best Rated Things About Belmont Park, San Diego, California

Located on the shore of Mission Beach, Belmonte park is the only beachfront amusement park in San Diego, California, featuring the historic giant dipper roller coaster. The entry and parking are admission free and the visitors can enjoy an array of thrill rides and attractions. No matter your age, just hop into this capacious and magnificent park because it has something amusing for everyone. Make Belmonte park your pick and heat right to it to with buddies and kids fill your day with laughter, thrill, happiness, and magic.

Belmonte has an unending list of attractions but we have jotted down the Top 5 best-rated things and rides about Belmonte park.

1. Giant Dipper Roller Coaster

2. Vertical Plunge

3. Control Freak

4. Liberty Carousel

5. Coconut Climb