Top 5 Best Rated Things About Arnolds Park Amusement Park, Arnolds Park, Iowa

Whether you choose to take a stroll across the serene beaches and lakes of Arnolds park or you bang into the world of games and rides in the park, but you are sure to glee.

Arnold’s park combines historic amusement with modern day fun and makes sure that its explorer makes the most of their time in there. Packed with spectacular and wonderful sights it is the perfect place to be with your family and mates. Apart from featuring rides for everyone in the family, Arnold’s park also has a museum, a beach, lots of water sports for water babies and plenty of games to play, that too with different prizes.

Find this amusement park in Arnolds park city, Iowa and make memories with your family.

The top 5 best rated attractions of the park include:

2. Rides

2. Raceway

3. Maritime Museum

4. Queen II Excursion

5. Midway Games