Top 5 Best rated Things About Adventure Island Family Fun Park, Cadillac, Michigan

Is there any fun without a little adventure? No, there isn’t! Adventure Island is here to save you from the usual boring amusement parks. It’s a family-oriented amusement park brimming with attractions for sports lovers, fun lovers, adventurers, and water babies too.

With its super amazing adventures, it will take you on a journey of mixed emotions and will have you in fits of laughter. From amazing arcade games to tingling rides, Adventure Island has something fun for everyone in your family and friend’s group. Set up in Cadillac, Michigan Adventure Island is the place you need to be with your family and friends.

The Top 5 best-rated things to do in Adventure Island are:

1. Mini Golf

2. Go-karts

3. Water Slides

4. Batting Cages

5. Arcade